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Waymo tests free wi-fi in stand-alone taxis in the USA

The Waymo , company that also belongs to the owner of Google is testing free wi-fi in their autonomous taxis running since last December in Phoenix, USA.

In late April, she also launched music streaming without ads for passengers, via Google Play.

Waymo also seeks to attract families with non-technological advantages: it has installed a child seat in each minivan and has ensured that the vehicles reach a temperature of approximately 22 degrees in the heat of the Arizona desert.

The goal is to persuade passengers that the company’s service is less stressful than driving their cars or riding with rivals such as Uber .

Without conversation

Very talkative drivers, grumpy and vehicles that vary in size and cleanliness are the main complaints among users of transportation applications.

“When I press the Waymo button, I know exactly what product I’m buying,” said Jordan Ranous, an analyst at a Phoenix bank that said he made 4 trips to the company’s vehicles.

The challenge is to prove that hospitality and connectivity can generate profits. Waymo currently charges rates comparable to those of Uber and Lyft, whose dependence on fees causes these companies to have financial problems.

Eliminating drivers reduces labor costs. Consistent, quality service allows the company to charge higher rates, while the internet and music and video streaming can generate extra fees or ad sales.

Wall Street analysts have estimated the value of Waymo by more than $ 100 billion, assuming that the services provided within the cars contribute revenue.

Waymo said that its main business is to charge for transportation, not advertising.

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