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Physicists demonstrate more complex teleportation ever performed

Teleporting matter is still something that is limited to works of science fiction. In real life, we are a long way from reaching this level, but the first steps are already being taken. Although it is not possible to send matter yet , scientists are now able to teleport data from a quantum system that are different and isolated from each other.

A team of physicists at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) in the United States was able to move a little further and teleport a full logical operation between two separate ions. The experiment, which was attended by Professor Hilma Vasconcelos of the Federal University of Ceará, was able to teleport a logical operation “NOT Controlled”  (CNOT) between 2 qubits of beryllium ions located at more than 340 micrometers. Although it seems like little, this distance is enough to exclude any direct interaction between the ions.

In addition to the CNOT logic operation, the teleportation process depends on a quantum phenomenon known as interlacing, which unites the properties of particles even when they are separated. In this case, the information was transferred to the beryllium ions through a messenger pair of interlaced magnesium ions. After the experiment, the logic operation continued to run at up to 87% of the time.

This is another breakthrough for the development of quantum computers . This is because their efficiency depends on the ability to perform qubits on large-sc

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