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Mercedes-Benz will launch electric SUV in Brazil, the EQC, in 2020

The Mercedes-Benz announced on Friday (5) which will bring to Brazil its first electric SUV, the EQC, introduced worldwide last September and whose concept was exhibited at the Salon of São Paulo , two months later.

The launch will be next year and the brand has not yet released the price. It will be a direct competitor of the Jaguar I-Pace , already launched in the domestic market, and the Audi E-Tron , still expected for this year in Brazil.

The model has two electric motors, positioned one on each axis. In addition, they deliver 408 horses and 78 kgfm. According to factory numbers, it accelerates from 0 to 100 km / h in 5.1 seconds, with maximum limited speed at 180 km / h.

Lithium-ion batteries guarantee autonomy of more than 400 km, according to Mercedes. The recharge of 80% capacity takes 50 minutes in a fast charger, 400V, says the brand.

And the same level is achieved in 7.5 hours in a 220V wall outlet. Mercedes has not yet decided whether the accessory will be included in the car or whether it can only be purchased separately.

The EQC is slightly larger than the I-Pace. They are 4.76 meters long, 1.88 meters wide and 1.62 meters high. The inter-axle is 2.87 m. In the trunk, go 500 liters.

However, it is smaller than the Tesla Model X , overseas rival, which is over 5 feet long.

Compared to the “conventional” SUVs of Mercedes, it is slightly above the GLC.


The German manufacturer was able to take off the design of the electric model of the other utilities of the mark. Despite the similarity of the interior, for example, the body has its own personality.

In the front, the fine headlights, the large three-pointed star logo and the generous grid are the most striking elements.

In the rear, the lanterns end up united by a debut bar, that even resemble a competitor, the Porsche Cayenne .


As each electric motor sits on an axle, the EQC has full wheel drive. The power delivery on the wheels, however, is made in a differentiated way.

The front motor, for example, is used in low and medium loads, prioritizing efficiency. The rear is responsible for “complementing” the performance. There are 5 driving modes, two of which are aimed at energy saving, while one is more sporty.

The driver can still set the level of energy recovery through decelerations and braking. There is still technology that gives “tips” for the driver to save in situations where the car is near the road speed limit, for example.


The EQC is the first model of a new family of electric cars of the brand. The name EQ should be common to other vehicles. They will be differentiated by the third letter.

The model begins production at the factory in Bremen, Germany next year. It will split the assembly line with Class C, GLC and GLC Coupé.

Mercedes also confirmed that the SUV will be produced in China at the Beijing Benz joint venture factory.

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