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Hypercube: gadget for transferring photos and videos while charging the cellphone

Hyper has a new Kickstarter project aimed at users who need extra help to transfer, store, or rearrange their media files like videos and photos. This is a minimal gadget that can be used while the smartphone loads to back up the files.

Called Hypercube, the device has a microSD card slot , two female USB ports and one male USB connector  . The dimensions are only 47.3 x 35.3 x 24 mm.

It can be connected between the USB charger of the Android / iPhone smartphone and, through a free application that is already integrated, backs up all the videos, photos and contacts in a USB drive or microSD card. And of course, all this while he carries his device.

According to Hyper, if the Kickstarter campaign succeeds, the worldwide shipment begins in August.

Does it work?

It seems that the little gadget Hypercube works well, at least the prototype of the device. In the video below (unedited) you can see everything working, from the process of charging the battery to automatic backup using the app.

And there’s a detail worth commenting on Hypercube: despite focusing on users of smartphones and tablets, it also works when connected to a Mac or PC.

That is, you can use the internal microSD of the device as if it were any other type of storage. Which makes it all very practical, especially if you need to transfer a large amount of files from the phone to the pc (or vice versa) quickly.

Of course it is not yet possible to know much about the performance of the new gadget . But judging by the comments on the campaign page, iPhones users are interested in it, since Android users have external storage by default and without the need for additional hardware. 


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