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Huawei officials would have worked secretly with the Chinese army

At least 10 polls conducted by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) would have counted on the participation of Huawei employees without the company’s knowledge. Several company workers contributed to the ELP for almost a decade, allegedly working on projects with technologies such as  artificial intelligence and radio communication.

The possible approach was discovered by the international website Bloomberg , which analyzed several publications in scientific journals and online research databases, used mainly by Chinese academics and industry experts. The authors had in common the fact that they are employees of Huawei, which is by no means the largest Chinese technology company.

Huawei Research Center in Shanghai. (Source: Huawei / Disclosure)

Studies have been developed, for example, on how to collect and analyze emotions in online video commentaries, in conjunction with the Central Military Commission, the most important body of the Chinese military. Another example of a study found in the survey was conducted with the elite of the National University of Defense Technology and was intended to discover new ways of collecting and analyzing satellite images and geographic coordinates.

Huawei has responded to the allegations by denying that it has knowledge of the activities and justifying that it only develops communication products and has no action focused on military technology. Since February this year the company has been rebounding rumors that it would have contributed spy technologies to China through its smartphones.

(Source: Huawei / Disclosure)

In May, Huawei joined the list of companies the United States took a more cautious look at, and US President Donald Trump signed an executive order that banned the companyfrom national territory, claiming concern about ties with the Chinese government.

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