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Russian technology

Russia is the ball. As of this month, the country will host another edition of the World Cup and knowing some details of the local culture never hurts. Always associated with an enormous cultural wealth, we cannot forget Russian technologies as well. Did you know that there are many inventions …

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Applications that help combat fear of airplanes

Statistically, the airplane remains much safer than other means of transportation, including the car. But the bad news that shook the airline industry in the past year and a half has certainly not helped lessen the fear many have to fly. More than 500 people died in air crashes in 2018, …

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D-Link and US government agree on process over product failures

when many routers and IP cameras had vulnerabilities that left data exposed and did not follow established security practices in setting up passwords. The FTC process suffered a setback when the court found that evidence was lacking to establish any link between product vulnerabilities and actual losses to consumers. However, D-Link would still …

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