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Amazon officials make protests and strikes in several countries

Thousands of Amazon officials organized a coordinated protest movement on Monday in Europe and the United States, including strikes, to demand better working conditions coinciding with Amazon Prime Day’s overpowering days.

In Germany, the strike against “promotions over wages” mobilized “more than two thousand” employees at seven of the company’s distribution units, Orhan Akman of the Verdi trade union, the leading German trade union in the tertiary sector, told AFP.

In the United States, employees of an Amazon distribution center in Minnesota also announced their intention to strike early in the day for super deals.

The local administration of the group had stated in advance that it did not provide for the interruption of its order deliveries.

“Amazon demonstrates every day that you can be an honest and responsible employer with your employees in Germany without a collective agreement,” the group said in a statement.

In German units, workers “get the most out of what is paid for compatible jobs,” the company added.

On Monday, Amazon said it was honest with its employees in Germany.

In a sign of solidarity, there were also concentrations of employees in Madrid and the entrances of various distribution centers in the United Kingdom.

“We have received horrible information about employees forced to urinate in plastic bottles because they can not go to the bathroom or about pregnant women forced to stand and some who have been fired,” British union GMB reported.

In France, the protest mobilized 2,500 workers at the Lauwin-Planque plant in the north, the company said.

In Poland, Amazon on Monday announced the creation of an additional 1,000 jobs in its distribution centers and an increase in gross hourly earnings for new hires.

Since 2013, Amazon’s European unions are mobilizing regularly, preferably on crucial days for sales like Prime Day or Black Friday.

In April, Amazon union representatives from 15 countries met for the first time in Berlin to coordinate their fight within the American giant.

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