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Technology giants try to give more privacy to users, but run into the business model itself

Technology companies used to be greeted enthusiastically when they introduced a new product or service. But it’s not like this anymore. One example was the announcement of Libra , the crypto-currency of Facebook, which has left economic regulators, governments and even resounding consumers questioning the delivery of financial details to the social network. Gone in recent …

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Why Samsung was sued for misleading advertising in Australia

South Korean technology giant Samsung is being sued by Australia’s consumer protection agency for alleged misleading advertising involving its phones. The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) claims that Samsung’s ads have made “false” claims that devices are water-resistant. The ACCC said it has reviewed more than 300 Samsung ads before taking …

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Experts show how easy it is to create fake videos using deepfake

Scientists at Stanford University, the Max Planck Institute for Computer Science, Princeton University and Adobe Research have demonstrated how the deepfake technique has become increasingly accessible and compelling. It consists of the use of software based on machine learning, with the purpose of changing the speech of a speaker in a …

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Huawei officials would have worked secretly with the Chinese army

At least 10 polls conducted by China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA) would have counted on the participation of Huawei employees without the company’s knowledge. Several company workers contributed to the ELP for almost a decade, allegedly working on projects with technologies such as  artificial intelligence and radio communication. The possible approach was discovered by the international …

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